Quality Is…

Curb Creations has extruded hundreds of thousands of feet of concrete edging since 1986. Our expanding list of referrals reflects or #1 priority… QUALITY!

Quality Concrete Curbing is…

Not all concrete is created equal. This is a simple conclusion we have come to as we have watched our competitors come and go through the years. Unfortunately substandard and unattractive work is quite often found. There is a large difference between the average concrete edging job and our high standard for quality. Curb Creations created the “Code of Standards” for our industry that we adhere to on every job.


Any great landscape must start with a great design. Properly placed graceful curves, contours and straight areas will flow elegantly through the landscape to provide a clean, attractive edge that will last for many years. Don’t settle for substandard workmanship… let us do it right for you the first time.

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It Takes Experience

Visit our “Experience” page to see what Curb Creations has to offer.

The ability to create attractive, clean flowing concrete edging is one of the main reasons extruded concrete edging has become so popular. With our experience, precision quality, and commitment to excellence, we can help you achieve the look that is right for you.

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Stamping, Coloring and Texturing

This “Decorative” new look brings the feel of brick, stone and natural textures together to give your continuous landscape border a unique, natural and extremely attractive appearance. Our base color is mixed thoroughly into the concrete during the mixing process. This color becomes part of the concrete, not an inferior slurry coat or color sealant that only covers the top surface of a gray curb. What happens if their top coatings crack, chip, or flake away over the years? Complimentary accent colors will also be used to create a natural, marbled, antique look to your curb.

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Straight Lines

Straight lines should be just that… STRAIGHT! Decorative curb machines are all manually driven. The experience and craftsmanship of the machine operator are the keys in creating straight attractive lines. Wavy, wobbly, uncontrolled lines are unattractive and show inexperience. Curb Creations always guarantees “straight lines.”

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Matching Existing Landscaping

It is extremely important to take time to match up the concrete curb to existing driveways, sidewalks, retaining walls, etc. The extruded edging becomes an integral part of your landscape design.

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Height consistency is extremely important to the overall look of the landscape curbing. Dips and high spots along the curbing can make the product look terribly unattractive. Attention to proper ground preparation and expertise in running the curb machine are qualities needed to give you the look that you deserve. We take the time to work on your grade to ensure you will have a consistent height to your curb. Curb Creations also guarantees this process.

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Mowing and Trimming

Another main reason people choose continuous concrete edging is for the ease of mowing and maintenance. Correct ground preparation must be done to ensure that you can use the curb to mow on. Both classic and slant style curbing give you this benefit while providing a higher back side to hold back landscape bedding materials. It is a shame when other installers keep the curbing too high. You cannot use it as a mower strip and have to spend you valuable time trimming and maintaining.

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Attention to Detail

Curb Creations has done many jobs that require years of experience and an “attention to detail” philosophy.

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Elevation Changes

Elevation changes and hills are not a problem for Curb Creations. The concrete edging is continuous and will not move or separate on steep areas.

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